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"Now well into our second season with our Dunford Pools, I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed our pool and how little work it is to operate. When planning the pool, so many people told me that the upkeep and maintenance would be a real burden but up to this point that couldn't be further from the truth. Who knows what the future will bring but if the past two seasons are any indicator I am not concerned about upkeep what so ever. Of course our pool is a center of enjoyment for our grandchildren and their friends but I am so pleased to find that I use it daily during the summer months and consider myself so fortunate to have such a place of real relaxation and just simple fun available to me right in my own back yard. I have enclosed some photos that I hope will give you a real sense of what I am talking about. So, thanks for your quality job of design and your quality job of construction. Our pool is a true addition to our family's quality of life."

- Kent Kistler


"Dunford pools exceeded our expectations in every way. From initial concept to completion, David exemplified professionalism and integrity. Work was done when we were told it was to be done, the only delays were due to weather. Competitive cost and high quality in both materials and workmanship. David returned calls and dealt with any concerns promptly throughout the entire project. His responsiveness and genuine concern that we were satisfied made all the difference. I would (and have) recommended Dunford Pools without hesitation."

- Jeff and Cathie


"We would definitely recommend Dunford Pools. David was very responsive to our needs, both with respect to finishing his portion of the project and returning for the inevitable warranty issues we encountered. The construction process of David’s portion of the work went smoothly; and he completed his portion of the work while our home was constructed, so he had to work around other trades and potential interferences. Our pool is just as we pictured it; and the flagstone coping and sheer descent work is beautiful.

- Tim

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Created: Saturday, 02 April 2016 02:52