Oklahoma Pool Construction


Planning and Design

David will meet with you at your home and help you decide what type of pool and designs work best for you and your family.  He will look at elevations and access and he will measure your yard.

He will then create a 3-D design complete with every aspect of your home, yard and all the features for your pool.

You will meet again to go over the design and make any necessary changes.

After the plan is finalized a contract will be discussed and signed.  We are now ready to move on to the construction plan.

Construction Plan

A construction plan will be created by David. This plan will identify your property features such as utilities, elevation, property lines, fences etc.  David will then apply for the necessary permits.


Now it's time for the pool layout.  This means David will paint an outline of your pool in your yard.  At this time you will be able to see the size and location of your pool and you can make adjustments before work begins.  After your approval we will begin excavation.


In this phase we will place forms around your pool to the elevation your pool will be when completed. Then we will begin the actual excavation.  Equipment will be brought in to “dig the pool”.  The dirt will be removed to expose the size and shape of your pool. A portion of this work will be done by hand to guarantee exact measurements.  All dirt will be removed from the site unless instructed otherwise by you.


This is the foundation of what gives you r pool its structural integrity or strength.  Our steel is placed on 8 inch centers, where most companies only use 10 – 12 inch centers. This gives our pools up to 33% more steel in the gunite, giving our pools a much stronger structure.  We also place a 12 inch bond beam with  ½ inch rebar around the entire pool.  This is a key component to your pools structural integrity.

Stub Plumbing

In this phase we will add all the returns, main drains, skimmers(s), lights etc in the “shell” of the pool in order to gunite.


Gunite is high strength, concrete mix (5500 psi) that is “shot” into the pool shell.  The customer will need to “water” twice a day for the first week to slow the curing time to ensure we are getting the most strength out of the gunite.  This is where your pool will “come to life”.  We will build steps, swimouts, benches, walls and floors.


In this phase we will tie in to all the stub plumbing.  We will run all the plumbing to the area that the equipment is to be located.  At the equipment site we will build a manifold in order to test all plumbing lines to make sure there are no leaks.  Plumbing will remain under pressure until decks are poured.

We use schedule 40 PVC pipe.  Our expertise in hydraulics guarantees the maximum turnover rate for your pool, which means you get the most effective filtration and reduces your chemical usage.

Tile and Coping

Your choice of brick or stone will be installed around the top edge (bond beam) of your pool by our masons. Any waterfalls, retaining walls or special work with rock or stone will also be done at this time.


We offer a wide assortment of materials, colors, textures and surfaces for you to choose from to attain a beautiful, durable deck that is appropriate for you.  Decks are typically formed in one day but the actual installation can take up to several days depending on factors such as materials and finishes used and the size of the decks.


At this time we will set and plumb your pool equipment so it will be ready for the electrician. Our standard equipment is what most companies install as upgraded equipment, at an additional price. We will set appropriate size pumps and filtration for your pool.


More trenches are dug for conduit to supply all the electrical components that are necessary.  All electrical work is performed by a licensed electrician and in compliance with all electrical codes.


During each level of construction there is some cleanup that takes place, but at this time all debris remaining will be cleaned up and hauled off.  Then we will do a final grading of the construction area.


At this time you should have sod, sprinkler systems and any landscaping done before plastering of your pool.


This is the final stage of construction before your pool is filled with water.  Plaster is sprayed on similar to gunite.  It is then trowelled in to give it its finished look.  We offer a wide assortment of plaster choices.  David will help you decide which plaster best fits your needs.


Once your pool is full of water David will start it up, turning on the equipment and making sure everything is working properly.  He will then show you how to operate your equipment and take care of your pool.  He will also instruct you on water chemistry.  He will give you an owner’s manual and go over warranties with you. He will answer any questions you might have.

You will also receive your startup equipment at this time.  This is everything you need to maintain your pool.  This includes your pole, net, vacuum head and hose and water test kit.

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